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We pride ourselves on the long lasting and fulsome relationships we keep with our devoted partners. Through a partnership with uwwweb, your business is able to branch into other markets without actually branching out. Have us do all the work and you sit back and collect the profits.


More business up front means more $$$ for you

This is a great way to introduce a new product to existing clients, getting your clients to check out your services will spark their interest to purchase something else from you. When new clients come to your business, you’ll be able to close more business upfront.

You basically have a gold mine of leads, just sitting there. Why not offer those clients a service you know they need.

Uwwweb, where the true power of the internet begins


How being a partner with uwwweb works

First, you start offering web services to your clients.

Second, when a client says they’re interested in web services, you simply refer them to us.

Third, when the client signs up with our web services, we split the profits with you, 50-50.

Forth, once you refer your first client to us we will add you as a partner and start promoting your business to the thousands of other companies in the area.


We don’t have the knowledge around web services, what if a client calls us asking about it?

Simple, refer them to us. Let the client know that you have a trusted web service provider who will answer any and all questions they have. Give us a call or shoot us an email with the client’s information, we will keep you updated on their progress with us.


Do I have to do anything to help?

Nope. Once you send us the client’s information we will take it from there. We will speak to the client, design their website, add their email accounts, and get them online in a jiffy.


When and how do we get paid?

At the end of each month we send out a report to your company which lets you know who signed up. On the 15th of each month a cheque will be mailed to your company from the previous months referrals (example: June 1-30, we will send a cheque on July 15)


Does it cost anything to be a partner?

Nope. Just fill in the quick form below and someone from our office will call you to provide more detail and get you on your way.


Do I have to pay for the marketing uwwweb does for my business?

Nope. As a valued partner, we will promote your business to thousands of our other clients and business partners we have, free of charge.


How will you promote my business?

Uwwweb uses various means to promote our business; digital marketing, blogging, our website, email marketing, print (flyers, newspaper, brochures), and various radio campaigns.


I’m afraid this will take up too much time, I don’t want this to distract from my core business

This takes no time at all; simply add a Web Services Contact Us form to your website and when clients fill out the form, the emails can come directly to us. We also design all the flyers for you to e-blast to your clients, and if someone calls or emails in, simply take their information and send it over to us. We take care of selling and providing service to the clients while you sit back.


Because of our valued partners, in July, 2016 we were able to hang out over $48,960. Let’s keep the gravy train moving! 

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